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Happy September everyone!


That has come around quickly hasn’t it! I hope that everyone who is returning to school or work this week has had a great week. I am back at work myself this week after my maternity leave ended – work itself has been fine, it’s just the getting everyone ready and getting out of the door and making sure we have everything that we need that is proving the hard part! I am sure that after a few weeks we will get into a bit more of a routine and feel a bit more with it!


I am returning to work part time 3 days a week again, so I am hoping that at some point I will have a little time for crafting….. although at the moment I am looking after 2 kiddies who both want all of my attention all of the time, so its not happening yet! I am mostly able to fit in a bit of crafting in the evenings, and the odd bit in my lunch break at work!

Over the last few days I have had a little brain wave about my product photography. For ages I have been struggling with how I want to style my products – because they are so big and chunky (which is awesome obviously!) I can’t necessarily style them like other pieces of jewellery that I see, but I have finally at least chosen how best to show them by themselves. I have gone for a pop of colour which is fun and I think suits my pieces well.


It’s going to take a little while to get photos of all of my products taken as I am now struggling for time what with being back at work and fighting off a baby when I do manage to get my little photo area set up. Also, now that the nights are drawing in I am also fighting against the lighting too – but hopefully over the next week or so you will start to see things changing and for it all to start coming together!


Lucy x


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