Happy Halloween!

Hello lovely people!

Well we are fast approaching the next milestone in the downward sprint to Christmas – Halloween is just around the corner!

What sort of person are you, do you love a bit of Halloween or do you not understand the fuss?

Do you go trick or treating? Have a party? Do you like to put up decorations?

Last year I put up some cut out black card decorations (lots of bats!) and some spooky ghost balloons, and Freddie loved it so I will probably do that again. We haven’t started trick or treating yet though as he is a bit little, and we live out in the sticks a bit so we only had one knock on the door last year. Maybe I need to put out some more decorations to attract people as there must be some kids about somewhere in our village who want sweets!

If you are planning on going out trick or treating, or dressing up for a party then there is still time to order Halloween Jewellery up until Friday the 25th of October – get in quickly though as I swear this year is just speeding by!

My Halloween Range includes the following:

Ada Necklaces in Pumpkin Spice and Wicked Witch

Ada Bracelets in Pumpkin Spice and Wicked Witch

Marie in Halloween

Frida in Halloween

Emmeline in Halloween

I hope that there is something there that you like, I particularly like Emmeline

Back soon as I’ll soon be sharing all my Christmas items – crazy!

Lucy x

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